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Post-Adoption Information is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the difficulties associated with Post Adoption issues - focusing on the complexities of adopting within the International Community.

  • Understanding and dealing with challenging new behaviors
  • Determining where to start?
  • Identifying what's "normal" behavior and what's not?
  • Dealing with your own feelings and concerns
  • Finding helpful medical resources and sites
  • Getting information on Early Intervention and School Services
  • Locating research on Post-Institutional issues for children and adults
  • and more!

Over the past fifteen years, tens of thousands of Eastern European children have left orphanages to join families in the United States and Europe. Living within an orphanage setting is much different than living within a family. Some of these tiny transplants lack the psychological templates for what we consider "normal" family behavior.

These little people simply don't know what it means to be part of a family. Many newly adopted children react to their surroundings in ways that may confuse, frighten and frustrate their well-meaning parents. It may take more than simply loving your new child to complete the process of becoming a happy family. You may need to learn how to be a therapeutic parent.

Our mission is to help parents sort through these confusing behaviors by providing them with information, research, and links to other helpful websites. It's our belief that an educated parent is a better-prepared parent, and that a better-prepared parent has the best chance of making their adoption experience a fulfilling one. Whether your child's transition is seamless or rocky, we're here to help with documented research, links to the best information and experts in the field, and plenty of support for you and your child.

(Harriet McCarthy - proud mother of 3 adoptees)