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Here is a collection of adoption related articles ranging from personal stories to research studies.

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08/01/05 Cultural Gatherings - What Do Our Kids Think? by Christina Goldstone
    ...reinforcing Daniela's ties to her cultural heritage was not, at that time, much of a consideration.
08/01/05 Welcome to the World of IEPs by Christina Goldstone
    The IEP or Individualized Education Plan became part of our lives when my daughter Daniela turned three.
07/30/05 Post Adoption Depression, The Unacknowledged Hazard by Harriet McCarthy
    There is a crisis of epidemic proportion within the International Adoption Community.
07/23/05 The Reality of Parenting Post-Adoptive Children by Kimberly Meehan does not operate on the principle of perfection, and the icon of the SuperParent is more mythical than practical.
05/18/05 Failure to Thrive by Harriet McCarthy
    Like a lot of other psychological and physical disorders, failure to thrive shares symptoms with a number of other post-institutional issues.
05/01/00 Occupational Therapy Needs Explored by Harriet McCarthy
    An evaluation for sensory issues is as important as an evaluation for developmental issues in newly arrived children...
12/18/99 Would We Do It Again? by Christina Goldstone
    If we had known all the challenges Daniela was going to have, would we still have made the decision to adopt her?
07/01/98 Sensory Integration Disorder in Children Adopted from Institutions by Harriet McCarthy
    SID can occur in children who have been hospitalized early or for long periods of time, or who have suffered from some sort of trauma and disruption in their developmental process.
05/01/98 Articial Twinning by Harriet McCarthy
    ...the practice is done regularly and even encouraged by the adoption agencies.