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Data of Children Adopted from Eastern Europe

The current research involves collecting data from the parents of post-institutionalized children for the purpose of determining the specific resources these children will need during their years in school. While many Eastern European adoptees may glide smoothly through the educational system without needing any additional help, it's clear from data collected at ongoing support networks that a great many of them will need some kind of assistance over and above ESL services during their school careers.

The Results Are In!

We have finished compiling/analyzing the results of our survey and the findings may surprise you:

Adoption Survey Results

Participate In The Survey Yourself

If you have adopted children from Eastern Europe and would like to be part of this effort, we would be most grateful. Until we have the survey functional on our own Web site, please follow this link to the survey.

Each child will be assigned an individual number and added to our data base. All data is strictly confidential. Preliminary results of the first several hundred respondents will be available in early Fall 2005.